Lido Sky Data

EASA certified ARINC 424 Data updated every 28 days
Lido Sky Data is fully tailored to the customer’s systems and applications.
ARINC 424 Data for various applications

Today's digital environment is characterized by the emergence of disruptive technologies for which accurate data plays a crucial role.

No matter which aviation or air transport solution you are currently working with or working on, Lido Sky Data offers you navigation data for various applications, including software solutions for creating simulated environments in flight simulators or navigation solutions for drones.

Lido Sky Data consists of ARINC 424 data and includes navigation information such as airports, heliports, runways, waypoints, navaids, airspaces, airways and flight procedures.

The data is updated according to the Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control (AIRAC) 28-day cycle. Different export formats and the extensive data catalogue facilitate a solution which is fully tailored to the customer’s systems and applications.

Key Features
  • ARINC 424 Data
  • Airports, heliports, runways, waypoints, navaids, airspaces and airways and flight procedures
Key Benefits
  • 28-day AIRAC cycle update  
  • Built from the same database as Lido FMS
  • 24/7 expert level customer support