Lido Flight WINDS

Our new visualization module enhances your flight operations

Imagine your flight departing out of Frankfurt heading towards New York.
Three hours prior arrival, ATC reduces inbound capacity by 50% due to severe weather. Usually, this information would not be forwarded to the flight deck.

With the detailed weather and NOTAM information available in Lido Flight WINDS and the current aircraft position based on radar information provided by ATC, your dispatcher is now able to immediately find the optimal solution for your flight.


Option 1: The storm is moving within the next few hours. You might consider circumnavigating your flight from the current position so that you still reach your planned destination with some additional flight miles.

Option 2: The weather conditions at your destination will not change. Your ops control may decide to divert you directly to your destination alternate – saving you tons of fuel.

The additional pre-notification time will allow you to arrange ground transport, hotel bookings, spare aircraft, etc., offering you the possibility to reduce the impact of the event to a minimum.