Lido Vision


Total Mission Optimization

We build integrated solutions that smart airlines use to run safer missions at lower cost

The worldwide growing demand for travel, limited airspace capacity and increase in efficiency and stability requirements are reflected by the urgent need of airlines to optimize their flight operations while operating profitably.

The environment of flight crews is becoming more and more dynamic, which increasingly drives the need to receive integrated and up-to-date information and supporting functionalities, to be exchanged between the airline operation center and the flight crew.

Digitalization is affecting the entire aviation industry. Airlines are increasingly investing in connectivity solutions and networked systems both on the flight deck and on the ground. This enables carriers to boost the efficiency of their flight operations, since data such as weather, airspace and traffic control information will be updated in real time. As a result, airline requirements for flight planning and navigation systems are changing. Everything is becoming more dynamic and data-driven!

With the Total Mission Optimization (TMO) approach, Lufthansa Systems is bringing their market-leading Flight Planning Solutions, Pilot Solutions and Data Solutions close together. Through this, strong functional and data integration is achieved, which enables the airline operation center and the flight crew to collaborate in an effective way.

With our highly recognized and powerful Lido product portfolio, we are responding to changing market needs, by continuously providing integrated optimization solutions in real time for both flight dispatchers and flight crews from flight planning to flight execution and flight completion, while further enhancing the safety of every flight.
This ensures that flight operations overall become more efficient, thus enabling substantial savings.