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How will Aviation look in the future?

Are you curious about the latest real technologies and business models certified to fly?

With this series of online events, we set the spotlight into the future of Aviation and reflect on the different aspects of “Urban Air Mobility (UAM)”.

For our free virtual conferences, we invite top-class speakers from various areas of the UAM industry, to share their insights and experiences from their latest developments in this fascinating new emerging area of autonomous flight. 

Join us to prepare for the future – we´re looking forward to meeting you!

Our summer edition on the 12h of August will focus on “The variety of drone use cases”
Let’s look closer at the wide spectrum of potential applications for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) besides passenger transportation, i.e., parcel delivery, medication delivery, firefighting or inspection & maintenance. Using selected use cases, we will discuss together with our panelists how close we are to reality, aspects of social acceptance, operational challenges as well as commercial potential. 

Watch the recordings of our previous events: 

Episode 1: “Autonomous Flight: Proof of Concept”  

Volocopter, EHang, Uber Elevate and German Aerospace Center shared their vision, successes and learnings. Watch the recording of the complete event here.

Episode 2: “Autonomous Flight: Future of Airspace” 

NASA, EASA, Federal Ministry of Transport and digital Infrastructure, US-Air Force, Lilium, Wisk Aero, Pilots' Association and Lufthansa Systems gave us insights on how to divide and secure the new urban airspace. Get more details and watch the recording here.

Episode 3: UAM: Ground Operations & Infrastructure” 

Volocopter, Skyport, City of Orlando, Lufthansa Technik and Lufthansa Systems discussed infrastructure requirements and the best Vertiport positioning in terms of passenger flows, logistics and maintenance.
Watch the recording here. 

Episode 4: UAM: Supply Chain 

Hyundai, Rolls-Royce, NASA, US Air Force and Lufthansa System debated the development of a new supply chain ecosystem to bring manufacturers and suppliers together and lessons learned from the automotive and aerospace industries. Watch the recording here.


Be curious about our further planned UAM events:   

  • Event 6: Customer Experience & Acceptance (Oct. 2021)
  • Event 7: Commercial (Dec. 2021)
  • Event 8: Sustainability (Feb. 2022)

Voices of our speakers:


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