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deskBase - fast, flexible, yours 

deskBase is a tried-and-tested virtualization solution that fulfills all the key requirements of a modern workplace environment. Its core feature is the creation of a user desktop via a centrally hosted, browser-based portal. The end-user devices are completely decoupled from the applications and data.


Fast: No more speed limits 

Work situations in modern companies are changing with increasing frequency. The companies are compelled to respond simultaneously to several overarching trends:

  • Workplaces need to be quickly and easily modifiable.

Markets and products are evolving faster than ever before. This necessitates a constant striving towards faster and more efficient processes, coupled with continuous adaptation of corporate organizations and functions.

  • More and more workplaces need to be mobile in order to accelerate business processes.

It is vital to balance the conflicting demands of work, leisure and family. At the same time, working hours are increasingly determined by stringent targets and deadlines. And there has been a strong shift towards project-related and cross-border activities.

  • Workplaces have to exploit technical progress in the interests of increased speed.

In recent years a whole range of new hardware and software has emerged in response to the growing demand for communication, collaboration and mobility. This manifests itself in the convergence of landline and mobile telephony, and the rapid upsurge in cloud computing and web 2.0 solutions.

Mission accomplished: deskBase reconciles these three trends in a seamless modular concept.

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