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The fast, cost-effective solution to your Air AMS compliance needs

Lufthansa Systems' U.S. Customs Interface system, CusLink, is an ideal solution to the U.S. Customs' requirement that all carriers participate in the Automated Manifest System (AMS) as put forth in the Trade Act of 2002.

CusLink is an advanced, hosted and web-enabled interface with the U.S. Customs' AMS. It facilitates flight reporting by providing manifest data to effect clearance. Additionally, it enables the forwarding and receipt of various electronic communications with a carrier's Cargo Management system, including flight manifests, air waybills, consolidated list data, as well as U.S. Customs' determinations regarding shipment status.

Application Service Provider (ASP) version CusLink is fast, easy and economical to apply.

There are no expensive software costs to incur. To assure that the optimum benefits are derived, the solution is fully-supported with central system upgrades and the maintenance of all software enhancements.

CusLink is the Air AMS Interface of choice for many airlines.

To learn more about CusLink, please contact your Lufthansa Systems representative today. 

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The Hosted, Web-Enabled U.S. Customs Interface


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