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The air cargo market is characterized by massive competition, immense cost pres-sure and constant change. On the one hand, airfreight shippers are struggling with the air cargo carriers’ high airfreight fees and, on the other hand, they must meet the enormous demand for limited airfreight capacities.

In order to thrive within this challenging environment, airfreight shippers need an equally farsighted and efficient IT system that will provide them with transparency in their transport chain, enabling them to look after their customers individually and to provide, in spite of the enormous demand, sufficient freight space at all times.

As an experienced provider of integrated logistics IT systems, Lufthansa Systems offers the ideal solution for the air cargo and logistics market in the form of our proprietary product AirWarde.

AirWarder is an integrated, comprehensive IT system for airfreight shippers, which enables centralized control and optimization of both capacity planning and the processes ‘air freight procurement’ and ‘reservation’ (air cargo handling).

AirWarder Creates Value

  • Optimal planning of capacities
  • Reliable capacity commitments for your clients
  • Latest booking information on a real-time basis
  • Thoroughly booked transport
  • Centralized and standardized contract maintenance
  • Increased customer loyalty
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