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Every cargo airline has a demand for high-quality bookings – but the processes involved are highly complex and depend largely on the skill of the customer service agent. With the Selling component, even customer service agents without years of cargo business skills can perform a booking faster and more efficiently.


AdvancedBooking meets the exacting quality demands of today's cargo business by steering the entire booking process, bringing together modules for routing, capacity, and pricing.

It also speeds up the air cargo booking process as a whole. More importantly, it improves customer service with built-in and automatically performed checks on capacity, loadability, special handling and pricing.

Furthermore, with more and more business being generated through electronic channels it is extremely important for customers to be able to place reservation requests directly via an Internet e-booking functionality, a cargo portal or via a customer in-house solution through EDI.


An important requirement in the booking process is that shipments are booked on valid routings. AdvancedRouting takes on this task. It checks routings against various validation rules: handling times (e.g. export, import, transit), restrictions and embargoes for flights and stations. The results are seamlessly integrated into the booking process via AdvancedBooking.

This not only improves booking quality, but by providing these results automatically, it gives the customer service agent more time to deal with the sales situation and customer service. It also improves operational efficiency by reducing re-bookings due to impossible connections.


AdvancedCapacity seamlessly integrates capacity inventory management into the booking process. Capacity is managed by weight, volume and ULD positions. The capacity requirements of long-term agreements, e.g. allotments, are managed and made available to the booking process.

An interface to a revenue management system makes it possible to apply overbooking and pricing rules in order to increase load factors and yields.

In addition, AdvancedCapacity manages freighter and truck schedules and can also be used to manage the schedules of partner airline flights.

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The AdvancedCargo Platform veffectively manages all core processes of the air cargo industry, from sales and booking to handling and accounting.

AdvancedCargo Platform
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