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Today's cargo business is characterized by mounting ground handling costs due to the required human resources involved and demands for more services with faster information. The key to improved efficiency and customer service lies in simplifying and automating the cargo handling process. Lufthansa Systems offers a solution which meets these challenges: AdvancedCargo - Handling.

AdvancedCargo - Handling comprises AdvancedStation for detailed support of station-oriented workflows and AdvancedGlobal for a complete view of a shipment – from origin to final destination. To fulfill the complex mandatory requirements of American, Canadian and Mexican customs, Lufthansa Systems offers the AdvancedCustoms module as an Application Service Providing (ASP) model.


AdvancedStation covers the entire ground handling workflow from physical handling (export, transfer, import), warehousing, customs clearance, planning and monitoring to management reporting (statistics, figures and reports). It thus increases throughput while reducing costs and creating the necessary conditions for optimum customer service.

AdvancedStation can be used as part of the AdvancedCargo Platform or as a single module which easily integrates with existing IT systems: Via a customizable interface the AdvancedStation module can communicate with any cargo airline legacy system, requiring only a minimum of changes to existing systems.

AdvancedStation Highlights

  • Monitoring of Service Level Agreements to control quality of own handling and of handling agents
  • Support of IATA Cargo*IMP and AHM standards
  • Support of UN*EDIFACT messaging
  • Integration of wireless technology using wireless PCs, handheld devices and forklift mounted terminals
  • Extensive tracking and tracing at detailed station level
  • IATA DGR data integration
  • Proactive customer information through automatic status messages to customers and partners
  • Open interface module to link weight scales, stacker and PPT systems
  • Communication via SITA, ARINC, e-mail, X400, HTTP and dedicated lines
  • Easy-to-learn system through a work process oriented menu structure and an intuitive graphical user interface
  • Cargo 2000 compliance
  • Expanding list of customs interfaces supported. At present this includes NCTS (Europe), ATLAS (Germany), AMS(USA) and CHIEF (UK)


AdvancedGlobal provides a self-explanatory representation of the current location and status of a shipment. Its layout makes it easy to determine where the transport chain has broken in the event of a service failure.


In addition to the customs functionality within AdvancedStation, Lufthansa Systems offers an ASP (application service provision) solution for customs in the USA, Canada and Mexico. AdvancedCustoms contains a full range of functionality, easily controlling the information being exchanged with U.S., Canadian and Mexican customs - without the need for papers and documents.

AdvancedCustoms is a fast, cost-effective solution designed to meet customers' air AMS compliance needs. It is a web-enabled interface to the customs authorities. The instant data transfer ensures swift clearance at customs and availability for consignees. Since Lufthansa Systems is a Certified Service Center, no lengthy testing is required when providing carriers with this interface to U.S., Canadian or Mexican customs. AdvancedCustoms uses interface modules that are directly connected to AMS/ACI, with communication occurring through the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Cargo IMP format.


  • Affords fast and easy implementation of U.S., Canadian and Mexican customs compliance
  • Facilitates electronic filing and amending of air waybills
  • Enables flight departures to be communicated electronically
  • Promotes prompt scheduling of shipment pick-ups and deliveries
  • Allows carriers to designate cargo as General Order through AMS
  • Affords viewing of all shipment and flight details, including current AMS status
  • Enables easy updating of shipment information
  • Allows for resending of shipment details to AMS


  • Reducing costs per air waybill through a high degree of automation
  • Using complete referential with comprehensive history
  • Accelerating handling and settlement by a high degree of automation
  • Taking advantage of a flexible, open architecture
  • Reducing cost by centralized distribution due to a web-based architecture
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The AdvancedCargo Platform veffectively manages all core processes of the air cargo industry, from sales and booking to handling and accounting.

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