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AdvancedCargo - Accounting

AdvancedCargo - Accounting is a highly automated cargo revenue accounting system that provides high-quality data quickly. The component covers all major airfreight accounting business processes.

To support effective workflows, the system provides electronic interfaces to various institutions in the airline industry, such as the IATA Clearing House. Standardized interfaces allow the integration of legacy systems or
third-party finance systems such as SAP R/3.

AdvancedFlown & Interline

AdvancedFlown & Interline checks transfer and transport manifests for correctness and completeness. Routings are built up and gaps are filled in for management information purposes.

Interline proration is carried out on demand based on the RAM (Revenue Accounting Manual), the MPA (Multilateral Prorate Agreement) and the APD (Airline Proration Directory). Special bilateral proration agreements are applied. Automatically calculated interline proration results are used to determine expected invoicing values.

Outgoing interline invoices are generated only for fully flown interline shipments. IATA 5Day and IATA Mean exchange rates are applied. Incoming interline invoices are checked against the calculated expected values. Rejections are generated based on tolerance parameters.

Any changes to air waybill or manifest data are taken into account and corrected. Own revenue is distributed to own flight segments if desired.

All validated receivables and payments are sent to the general ledger system.

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The AdvancedCargo Platform veffectively manages all core processes of the air cargo industry, from sales and booking to handling and accounting.

AdvancedCargo Platform
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