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BoardConnect: Run the future, not cables

Imagine creating a new, unique experience for your passengers. Imagine your IFE going wireless!

BoardConnect by Lufthansa Systems represents an innovation at the most important interface in the entire airline business: the interface between you and your passenger.

Create an experience unique to your brand

Movies, menus, duty-free shopping, destination information, passenger announcements and so much more: everything that touches on entertainment and information can easily be integrated into our wireless infotainment platform.

BoardConnect is quickly configured to suit your ideas and streamed through a medium of your choice: in-seat screens, carrier-owned devices or the passengers’ own personal electronic device (PED). This way you can offer your uniquely branded product to an audience sure to be captivated by the freedom of choice and the flexibility afforded by BoardConnect.

Norbert Müller, Senior Vice President of BoardConnect

“We are making BoardConnect available on Windows 8 to give passengers even more choices to use the platform,” said Norbert Müller, senior vice president of BoardConnect at Lufthansa Systems. “This makes it easy for airlines to give their passengers a superior in-flight entertainment experience that allows them to watch a wide range of movies, look at flight information and shop, all from their seat.”


Your customers can simply log on to your in-flight entertainment portal and enjoy your content libraries from the comfort of a familiar device. BoardConnect utilizes the latest technologies to minimize the number and weight of system components: you get a leaner, lighter and more flexible product at a lower cost, allowing you to offer IFE also in short and medium haul narrow bodied aircraft.

BoardConnect: Revolutionizing in-flight entertainment

  • Enable passengers to use their own devices
  • Integrate all aspects of infotainment
  • Personalize your customer interaction
  • Simplify content management
  • Save on installation and operating costs
  • Maximize ancillary revenue potential
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