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Ever since newspapers began setting up their websites, the debate on sources of income on the Internet has not lessened. Some publishers have been relatively successful with designed and classified advertisements - a proven feature of the printed product for many a long year.

With VI&VA® you can open up new sources of income, such as in the areas of web hosting and e-commerce, and at the same time you improve your services in the areas of advertising and sales.

Special features:

  • Effective content marketing on print and online platforms
  • Integration of "online" workflow in VI&VA®
  • Opening up new markets and introducing your newspaper titles to young people
  • Extending your service or improving customer service
  • Accounting and planning of online advertising
  • Establishing customer and reader loyalty as well as a fast, direct customer relationship
  • No multi-recording, cost reductions
  • Entry into new fields of business
  • Platform independence
  • 100% accessibility
  • Safe, direct access: customer convenience
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