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Profit from an integrated ID travel management solution

Introducing electronic ticketing for airline staff interline travel holds great savings potential – in terms of both time and costs. Lufthansa Systems’ myIDTravel solution offers you efficient and simple management of the business and leisure trips of your employees.

Easy to integrate – easy to use

myIDTravel is an integrated state-of-the-art solution which has been developed as a worldwide standard product for staff travel in cooperation with the ZED-MIBA Forum. Using myIDTravel, your staff can conveniently book and settle flights electronically for themselves as well as for family members. This is possible thanks to a central system which can be accessed from any web-enabled PC at any time. Our solution covers all your bilateral ID agreements at once. We connect myIDTravel to the global distribution system (GDS) you are using. 

Reducing costs through leaner processes

Our staff travel solution processes every booking segment in the respective GDS or reservation system of the airline operating the particular flight or leg. In this way, interline settlement between you and other airlines becomes unnecessary reducing costs and effort considerably. 

No direct costs for you

myIDTravel is distributed worldwide as “Software as a Service” and offers a very attractive pricing structure with no direct costs for you. The traveler pays a coupon-based fee which follows a declining price model bound to the amount of coupons guaranteed by the whole myIDTravel community. No further charges, fees or costs will apply.

Key benefits

  • Straightforward processes 
  • Minimizes administrative efforts
  • Integrates easily into your system environment
  • Compelling pricing structure

Easy listings from anywhere at any time

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Have you ever thought how easy it would be to manage your staff trips with an integrated ID travel management solution?

Case study: Iberia
myIDTravel - An innovative solution for an industry-wide issue

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If you face any problems while using myIDTravel, please be aware that this needs to be clarified with your airline‘s staff travel department or the operating airline directly.

Regarding login or password problems, please contact your staff travel department as well.

Have a safe trip!

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