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With Lido/Navigation you will always find the right route

Precise navigation during a flight is a fundamental prerequisite for safe flight operation. To this end, the pilot uses the flight management system and navigation charts.

With Lido/FMS we provide you with up-to-date, individually edited data for your flight management system as well as high-quality navigation charts which enable you to acquire all the necessary information for your flight route at a glance during take-off, landing and the flight itself.

Our portfolio of charts embraces both paper (Lido/RouteManual) and electronic versions (Lido/eRouteManual and Lido/iRouteManual). You would like to switch gradually to the electronic version? No problem. The identical structure of the two versions supports you in your efforts to switch successively to the paperless cockpit.

Our own navigation database, which contains aeronautical information and topographic data with worldwide coverage, forms the basis for constantly up-to-date navigation solutions.

Maintaining your situational awareness while taxiing at the world’s largest and most congested airports can be a challenging task. Our leading-edge Lido/AMM (Airport Moving Map) supports flight deck crews during taxiing. Lido/AMDB is our geo-database containing all airport features and attributes to enable your onboard Airport Moving Map application.

We developed our products jointly with pilots and navigation experts in order to offer you the maximum possible professionalism, quality and user friendliness. Naturally, we take all the requirements of the international aviation authorities into account.

Key benefits

  • Shared data pool for FMS data and navigation charts
  • Flexible to use: fleet and hardware independent
  • Navigation charts tailored to the needs of commercial airlines
  • 24/7 access to current data via Internet portal

Flight Management Data

Lido/FMS provides navigation data tailored to the respective flight management system.


Charting solutions

With our navigation charts, pilots can see all relevant information at a glance – whether on paper, on our electronic charts or even mobile on your iPad. Lido/AMM - our airport moving map application assists flight crews during ground operations in conducting safe and efficient taxi operations.





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Charting your way to the paperless flight deck


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With our navigation charts, pilots can see all relevant information at a glance.


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