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Simplify your cockpit processes

You are familiar with the amount of paper that pilots have to deal with before and during a flight – the flight plan, the flight preparation, the navigation charts and the manuals.

So you can well imagine the benefits that a paperless cockpit would provide: Manuals, instructions and flight-specific documents can also be depicted electronically and equipped with a search function; approach, departure and route charts highlight the information you need the most urgently, and much more besides.

Your entire IT solutions - supporting all your operational processes in and around the cockpit - are integrated in our Lido/FlightBag. Our EFB solution, can make the electronic cockpit become reality. At the same time, it fulfills the strict requirements applied to information quality and processing speed.

It integrates numerous applications for paperless flight preparation and operation. The individual modules all use a shared database and exchange information with one another. This ensures, for example, that the same, standardized information is provided throughout the entire flight. Lido/FlightBag allows online access to current operational data and other important flight-related information.

Key benefits

  • Flexibility: Lido/FlightBag supports different EFB classes and is independent of the aircraft type/vendor and hardware.
  • Cost reduction: With our electronic applications like Lido/eRouteManual or the comprehensive library, printing costs can be reduced significantly.
  • Flight safety: Due to a common data layer, our EFB applications can be highly integrated. Automatic transfer of data between the applications reduces the risk of manual input mistakes and therefore increases flight safety.
  • Up-to-dateness: Due to integrated, highly automated update processes, up-to-date information is available in the cockpit earlier.
  • Reduced training time: Only one EFB solution has to be trained and is available for your whole operation.
  • Reduced integration effort: With Lido/FlightBag cockpit and ground processes have to be integrated just once.
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