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Interested in having more time for innovations? Do you want to simplify IT?
Benefit from a reliable partner offering full airline application management from a single source. Provide/Application Management delivers high-quality services tailored specifically to airline applications. From consulting to testing, operation and maintenance, everything gets easier.

Receiving full support for all processes related to your airline applications will empower you to get the most out of your IT. Are you having stability problems or do you lack specialized in-house know-how? These will become things of the past. Your applications are in good hands and you will be provided with all the services you need for the correct management of your applications' lifecycles. All services are available for both third-party and Lufthansa Systems products.

Choose your level of support easily in just two steps:

  • Select which of the applications in your portfolio should be hosted and/or operated by Lufthansa Systems.
  • Choose from a variety of services in the Provide/Application Management portfolio.

To provide maximum flexibility you can add or remove applications and services to and from your portfolio at any time.

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Provide/Application Management
Lifting your airline applications to the next level


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