MRO/CAMO - How to jump start with a data-focused maintenance concept

Nov 5 - 5, 2020

These days cost-efficient and flexible operations are crucial and a competitive advantage for regaining an airline’s profitability.​ A tailor-made maintenance concept is one option to fulfill given restart targets and generate required savings.

Join our experts Carlos Diaz, CAMO/MRO Senior Consultant, Anne Päplow, Valerie Hermann, both Maintenance Concept Manager at Lufthansa Technik, and Moderator Erin Beilharz, who will present the Maintwise approach, that focuses on synchronizing maintenance requirements and airline processes.  Based on a case study of a successful airline, they will showcase the development of a future-proof maintenance concept, considering the important aspects regarding data quality and process automation.

Please register until Wednesday, November 4, 4:00 pm (CET).