Airline Forum 2018

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Airline Forum 2018
May 02 - 04, 2018

Lufthansa Systems has the great pleasure to open the registration to the Airline Forum 2018.

This is one of the biggest airline IT user conferences worldwide. The event will take place on May 02-04, 2018 at Lufthansa Seeheim near Frankfurt, Germany. 

We’ve entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an era of datafication, constant connectivity and digital workforces. Let us discuss with you how we will transform our products and solutions with the help of new technologies and discuss the strategies we have initiated to keep you ahead of the competition.

How to do network planning in the century of digitalization, how to increase resilience in scheduling based on delay predictions and what are the possibilities in operations control with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Through new communication methods, we will change the way how crew schedulers interact with the crews and planners with their neighboring departments. Through new data protection laws the way we handle data will be changed. We want to show you how you can digitalize your ramp and how you can change your view on codeshares in SchedConnect.

Be excited to see how we transform ProfitLine/Price to a new product with a new technology and understand how the Lufthansa Systems Analytical Platform will fuel analytics at NetLine and ProfitLine.

Find out how you can benefit from our Airline Consulting services. We combine airline expertise, process competence and IT know-how coupled with experience in digital transformation. Our consultants offer independent consultation, focusing on the goals of our customers. Listen to our consulting cases and get in touch with our consultants.

Experience our garden of innovation to inspire yourself about upcoming and new trends and ideas in the airline industry.

The Airline Forum will begin on Wednesday, May 02, 16:00h with a welcome get-together event, and will last until Friday, May 04, 16:15h.

Do not miss this unique opportunity. The Airline Forum is an industry expert only event and by invitation only. Please contact your customer manager if you have not received an invitation.

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We can exchange notes on new product developments and use the opportunity to take a first-hand look at the innovative capabilities of our products and services. Trade fairs in particular, offer an extensive platform to give you a detailed insight on our products and give you the opportunity to make an on-the-spot comparison of our products and services and those of our competitors.

We are pleased to answer your questions at any time and would be more than willing to show you how your company can benefit from the advantages of our products and services. Also presentations in specific workshops at our customer conferences will give you the opportunity to get a further insight into our products. A lively exchange of opinions among a group guarantees interesting ideas!

We look forward to meeting you and giving you more details on our wide range of customer-oriented solutions!