AGIFORS Airline Operations & Strategic Scheduling and Planning 2019

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AGIFORS Airline Operations & Strategic Scheduling and Planning 2019
Jun 03 - 07, 2019
Paris, France

Meet us at AGIFORS Airline Operations & Strategic Scheduling and Planning (SSP) 2019 in Paris, France

Let us exchange the latest developments, practical innovations and your ideas plus thoughts on the topics of airline operations management and processes in schedule management.

AGIFORS Airline Operations covers all aspects of Operations Research and Analytics, flight operations, ground resources, maintenance and crew schedules. For more information, please visit

AGIFORS Scheduling and Strategic Planning mainly discusses the process of schedule development. For more information, please visit

The AGIFORS is a professional society dedicated to the advancement and application of Operations Research within the airline industry. Today the AGIFORS membership exceeds 2800 professionals representing more than 500 airlines, airline manufacturers, universities and aviation related companies and associations.

This year Lufthansa Systems contributes with various presentations to the agenda:
      Felix Windisch – Product Expert NetLine/Sched, Lufthansa Systems       

  Zuhal Aydin – Senior Product Manager NetLine/Plan, Lufthansa Systems

Title of presentation: OnD based Scheduling – Stop scheduling flights, start scheduling networks!

Current scheduling systems usually allow scheduling departments none or only limited access to PAX forecasts on Origin and Destination (OnD) level. Commercially driven scheduling processes therefore either require knowledge about carrier’s most relevant OnDs, cross-department manual collaboration or scheduler’s access to revenue management or reservation systems.

This presentation aims to provide different concepts of how to provide OnD PAX forecasts to schedulers within a scheduling system for enhanced decision support. It outlines general prerequisites of OnD decision support features and differentiates possible concepts by their requirements for new business logic (connection building) and historic data (with/without MIDT data). For each concept the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats (associated challenges) will be observed as well.


Tim Nickel – Senior Mgmt. Consultant, Lufthansa Systems Airline Consulting

Davide Bardelli – Director Consultant, Lufthansa Systems Airline Consulting

Title of presentation: The die is cast, gear up for the unknown

As Julius Caesar knew he would benefit from crossing into unknown territories when he called out his famous quote, as well as he knew that the consequences of his fate were inevitable, airlines must understand the impact of the upcoming deadlines of SESAR ATM solution European Regulation 716/2014 (the PCP “Pilot Common Project”).

They must also understand the chances and benefit of utilizing previously “unknown” territory (airspace).


      Manuel van Esch - Senior Consultant, zeroG

Title of the presentation: DeepTurnaround - Automated timestamp generation through machine learning for solid collaboration in turnaround management

Turnaround processes are a data black box. The lack of reliable turnaround process data makes it impossible to do a root-cause analyses of what caused delays or monitor the process. The solution is to use an AI technology called object detection to automatically generate reliable turnaround process time stamps in real time.

This data serves turnaround managers and OPS controllers on the day of operations to monitor the process and address issues before they cause delays. Beyond the day of OPS the data enables fact-driven SLA negotiations, root-cause analyses of delays, simulate the best turnaround process and resource allocation.

During the talk it will be explained how the solutions works (challenges), how other industries use this technology and why the aviation industry can concretely benefit.


Judith Semar, Product Line Manager at NetLine took over the Co-Chair of the Operations Study Group.

Judith Semar, Product Line Manager at NetLine


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