Event 2 of our series "Let's talk about the future"

Autonomous Flight: Future of Airspace

It was a pleasure to host our 2nd online conference of the series on January 28th, 2021 dedicated to the topic “Autonomous Flight: Future of Airspace”.

The panelists were:

Thank you to our guests who shared their experience and knowledge, touching on the different layers of safe airspace and the need to collaborate. Also, thanks to our audience who had many great questions that enriched the discussion.

Our panel discussed safe airspace in different angles, Parimal Kopardekar, David Solar and Jan Dirks approached this topic from a government perspective. They described their respective advancements to integrate drones safely and efficiently into air traffic and the importance of public acceptance.  

Bringing in the manufacturer and future operators voice, Tassilo Wanner and Gary Gysin explained their visions and  prototypes and that implementations can be expected soon.  

Nathan Diller spoke about the US Airforce´s extensive experience in operating drones that can contribute to the exciting future with UAM. Max Scheck and Thomas Wittmann pointed out how solutions and experience from today´s commercial aviation can support the development of UAM and a secure airspace.

Further topics like the role of Artificial Intelligence in Airtraffic Management and Safety, in terms of Cyber Security, to prevent crime by misuse of the modern technology were also highlighted during the discussion.

Curious about the details? - Watch the recording of the complete event here: