What are our steps in the current situation?

The Coronavirus has turned the world upside down and we find ourselves in a completely different reality. We at Lufthansa Systems are putting all our efforts together and are working hand in hand with our customers and partners to navigate successfully through these truly exceptional times.

In a short video message, our CEO Olivier Krüger is outlining Lufthansa Systems’ response to the current challenge. Even though the world is changing, we are well prepared and we will continue to serve your needs in this new reality.

Please watch the video at the bottom of the page. Thanks a lot.

Previous message:

Dear customers,

We want to update you on the steps Lufthansa Systems is taking in light of COVID-19.

Given the uncertain evolution of both the disease and the public response to it, we have nominated a “Corona Pandemic Officer” to coordinate the response for all our Lufthansa Systems locations. This person has convened a cross-location working group who meet daily to monitor the situation and co-ordinate actions across the company. In addition, every day a Corona Decision Board discusses the situation with senior management and implements quick decisions. Last but not least, our Corona Pandemic Officer is a part of the Lufthansa Group Corona working group and crisis management team.  Their objective is to make sure that depending on how the situation develops, we are prepared to maintain client service while assuring the health of our staff. We do not anticipate service breakdowns, even in the case that all our operations would be conducted within a remote working setup.

Each of our operational areas have business continuity plans in place which are regularly revised as part of our general operations to adhere to changes in our business, locations, customers, vendors and IT landscape. With the 2020 outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, we at Lufthansa Systems are currently amalgamating, reviewing and extending these operational contingency plans to be able to put them into immediate action. This extension aligns all operations critical areas of the company but extends as well to all other supporting areas.

We continue with preventative measures in the workplace including monitoring of employee health and attendance, maintaining a clean working environment, and issuing guidelines on protection against the Coronavirus. In preparation for a worsening situation, our service specific business continuity plans include options to serve clients from other operational centers across our network of locations. As of March 9, 2020, we are also currently adopting work rotation arrangements to reduce the risk of possible exposure, splitting operationally critical employees into geographically segregated areas such as different rooms, offices, home office, etc. to mitigate potential cross contamination between the groups.

If you have questions about business continuity at Lufthansa Systems and the security of your IT operations during this special situation, please do not hesitate to ask us through your account manager, product delivery manager, or your regular point of contact.

With kind regards and stay healthy,

Olivier Krüger and Dr. Thomas Wittmann (CEOs Lufthansa Systems),
Sylvio Thunnok (Pandemic Officer Lufthansa Systems)



Embedded video for COVID-19