Complying with the law as the basis for our success

For any entrepreneurial activity, keeping business practices legal is a basic precondition for success. In this context, we follow the standards set out by the Lufthansa Group. The Group’s Code of Conduct defines all of the basic guidelines and principles that we are required to follow in our day-to-day business dealings.

In this area too, there is a Group policy framework available that sets out binding standards for information and IT security.  This is complemented by an Information Security Policy documenting Lufthansa Systems’ basic strategy towards the setup, purpose and goals of its own information security management, and its most important actions.

Various certificates and external independent audits document compliance with common industry standards on the part of Lufthansa Systems and its suppliers.

Our business activities involve the processing of personal data from customers, employees and other stakeholders. These data are protected to the highest standards, and we take care that our business practices are aligned to the requirements of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Respect for human rights is a fundamental and self-evident part of company culture at Lufthansa Systems. In all our business activities, we ensure that we act in accordance with human rights, and with recognized international labor and social accountability standards. We consider respect for human rights to be central to our day-to-day business dealings and therefore have also co-signed a Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement (modeled on Section 54 of the UK 2015 Modern Slavery Act) for the Group.