Climate and the environment


We share responsibility for our environment

We aim to limit the environmental impact of our business activities as much as possible.

As a result, our places of business emphasize the importance of environmentally-friendly working. This is reflected in energy-efficient office buildings, programs to avoid plastic in day-to-day activities and the purchase of sustainable marketing materials. We have also implemented a paperless policy in many departments thanks to our use of solutions like DocuSign’s electronic signature technology.
Improving action on the environment also includes programs such as bicycle or car leasing that help our employees stay mobile while reducing their environmental impact – both during the commute and in their free time.

In addition to the measures for an environmentally friendly working environment, many employees take part in concrete initiatives to protect the environment from pollution. These include tree planting and garbage collection campaigns, to name just a few.

The aviation sector has a considerable impact on our environment and climate. We are aiming to improve the long-term ecological efficiency of around 350 airlines worldwide with our IT solutions. One key lever in this context is optimizing flight routes. Our flight planning and navigation solution Lido now helps over 150 airlines to plan their routes as efficiently as possible. In concrete terms, this means that flight times and fuel consumption are optimized during flight planning to achieve reductions in carbon emissions.

Weather is probably the most important negative factor for flight operations. To further optimize flight operations, Lufthansa Systems also plans to feed current weather data into navigation charts. By offering pilots visualizations of weather phenomena like storm cells or turbulence, Lufthansa Systems helps them to build up a picture of relevant, up-to-date weather conditions much more quickly. This gives pilots the opportunity to fly the best – and also the safest – route given these conditions.

The integrated package of IT solutions offered by Lufthansa Systems is also promoting the idea of the ‘paperless flight deck’. This enables our customers to avoid using paper-based maps and flight documentation entirely, which can save up to 160 pages of A4 paper per flight.