Case Study: SriLankan Airlines’ journey of digital transformation


Read the firsthand experiences of a technical pilot about the process towards wholly integrated flight operations around the EFB

In the case study published in the latest edition of the AircraftIT journal, Capt. Tharindu Palihawadana, Technical Pilot at SriLankan Airlines gives a brief recap of the digital transformation to an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) as a standard operations tool. The journey commenced in 2012, when SriLankan Airlines was the first airline in Asia to use an electronic flight bag. Only three years later, the airline switched to Lufthansa Systems’ flight planning solution Lido Flight 4D.  After the positive experience with the tool and the good service support, the flag carrier of Sri Lanka migrated its Flight Management System (FMS) to Lido mPilot and Lido FMS, both from Lufthansa Systems.

“What we hope for the future is to have further in-flight optimizations possible which is supported by Lido as Total Mission Optimization,” stated Capt. Palihawadana in the magazine.

This case study was edited by AircraftIT, based on the SriLankan Airlines’ and Lufthansa Systems’ presentation at the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference in Bangkok last year. AircraftIT is the leading-edge platform in aircraft maintenance and operations providing the latest industry news and developments. Its news platform and two-monthly eJournal is designed to provide the aviation communities with the high-quality information needed to navigate the IT systems available on the market and to support properly informed decisions on what has become a business-critical process for the industry.

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