BoardConnect Portable NextGen

BoardConnect Portable NextGen gives you an even simpler, more flexible, all-in-one solution for low-cost operations.
BoardConnect Portable NextGen. A full-scale IFE.Light.

A fraction of the space

BoardConnect Portable NextGen gives you a simple, flexible, all-in-one solution for cost efficient operations. Our rugged Mobile Streaming Units (MSU) combine the server and access points in a single device. Each MSU provides the highest quality streamed content for up to 50 clients. By utilizing 2 or 3 devices, you can address a complete single aisle aircraft.

A fragment of the weight

An individual device weighs less than 2 kg. With two MSUs you can provide concurrent streaming for up to 100 passengers with almost no footprint attached. Though we have reduced components to a minimum, the built-in modem enables fast, wireless content updates while the aircraft is on ground – exactly as featured with the installed classic BoardConnect system.

And a portion of the cost.

BoardConnect Portable NextGen allows you to avoid the high initial investment for hardware and certification by classifying each MSU as loose equipment. The device can simply be slipped into a frame on the wall or placed in an overhead bin. This reliable solution features the core software functionalities that have made BoardConnect the go-to wireless IFE solution.

Key benefits
  • No STC required
  • Very easy access and handling for maintenance and repair
  • Cabin crew is unburdened
  • Little initial investment for hardware and certification
Key features
  • Passengers use their own devices
  • Minimal total system weight – 2 kg
  • Fast content loading processes via USB
  • Wireless content streaming of the highest standard
  • Multiple opportunities for generating ancillary revenues