Why a human touch during times of digitalization is never wrong

Digitalization is omnipresent. Everyday we talk about it and the influences it has on us. However, yet we can hardly imagine a future without human interaction. And we do not want that either. Find out why a human touch during times of digitalization can be the best for a company’s strategy.

Let us take a look into the future. It is May 2027 and Lufthansa Systems´ annual Airline Forum is about to take place again. Visitors are just about to make themselves comfortable in their chairs. The conference will exclusively take place via hologram transmission.

Wouldn´t there be missing anything?

Digitalization is about humans, not about machines

Digitalization is not just about machines. First and foremost humans are the focus and the question, how airlines can optimize their processes by using new technologies.

This year’s Airline Forum – one of the largest international airline IT conferences – was exactly dedicated to this topic. During three days we discussed with more than 500 participants and informed them by giving more than 80 lectures. Focus was on our NetLine products: This is an integrated yet modular platform for network planning and control, capturing all the facets of the whole business process. From network planning and scheduling to crew management and operations control.

In nine product tracks (NetLine/Crew, NetLine/Ops ++, NetLine/Sched, NetLine/Plan, NetLine/Load, SchedConnect, ProfitLine/Price, RI3 and IT & Technology) we showed how Lufthansa Systems is continuously adapting existing products and developing new solutions.

The Aviation Campus

Thereby, the whole Airline Forum took place under the umbrella of the Aviation Campus. With the Aviation Campus, Lufthansa Systems aims to find the best solutions quickly and efficiently from a network of options – for any problem its customers might face. Because strategic alliances and the comprehensive exchange of information across all borders are fundamentally important in the world of aviation. The environment of the Aviation Campus fosters a cooperative, reliable and innovative collaboration. And the principle of the Aviation Campus was definitely lived. (Find out more about the Aviation Campus )

Exchange boosts innovation and creativity

Let us take the Solvay Conferences as an example, which started at the beginning of the 20th century. The conference was founded to organize an international gathering of physicists at the highest level to discuss the fundamental problems of contemporary physics. The publications of the lectures by Marie Curie and Albert Einstein, among others, were highly appreciated internationally.

That also applies about hundred years later for the Airline Forum. When I look back at all the different conversations among customers and experts of Lufthansa Systems, I am convinced that a lot of new ideas have come about.


Our latest innovations have attracted particular attraction of the visitors. Our experts showed how artificial intelligence can revolutionize turnaround management, improve processes in the Operations Control Center and reduce the risk of delays by taking delay forecasts into account. Working on new developments also means constantly analysing and understanding the needs of the market and converting these into new solutions. In this regard, events like the Airline Forum are crucial for our innovation management.

Around the world with you: Our customers and partners

It is important for us to be close to you, our customers. And that is the reason why we are travelling around the world with you as we appreciate the personal exchange very much. And we are happy that you regularly use the opportunity to visit us in Germany for the annual Airline Forum.

We consider the Airline Forum to be a great place for a human touch in digitalization. Therefore, we are looking forward to seeing you in Seeheim again next year from the 28th to the 30th of September.

Warm up now by checking out the video on this year’s Airline Forum.

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