Save Time and Effort with the Lido eRouteManual

With the release of Lido/eRouteManual 4.9, we are providing new features which will save time and ease pilots' workflow. The latest release of our Windows-based application includes four new features: runway pre-selection in the Lido/AMM, configuration options for company polygons, support of new position data providers, and Significant Meteorological Information (SIGMET) texts displayed directly within the attribute lookup. 

Our Lido eRouteManual team aims to continuously improve the experience of airlines and their pilots when using our Windows-based application throughout their flight operations. The aim of this release is to resolve several of our customers' pain points:

  • Removing the switching between applications to look up a SIGMET text
  • Ability to receive own-ship symbol in an A350
  • Extending the own-ship symbol availability for airlines without a sophisticated avionics connectivity


Grétar Mar Óðinsson, B757/B767 Commander with Icelandair and EFB Administrator at Icelandair, one of our field-test customers, said:

"Icelandair has been using Lido eRouteManual as an integral part of the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) ecosystem since 2017. We first adopted version 4.2 and as Lido progressed with new releases of the software, Icelandair was given the opportunity to present various UI, functionality and feature improvement ideas coming from our IT support, administrative staff and flight crew, directly to the Lido software developers. With the release of Lido eRouteManual 4.9, we are honoured to see that Lido has taken many of our suggestions to heart and we look forward to launching the new version in February 2019.

For Icelandair, Lido has brought immense value to the airline operations in the form of speedy and reliable support, unique willingness and capability to listen and implement improvements and suggestions coming from our flight crews and administrative side. We have high expectations for the new Lido eRouteManual version, specifically that the improved UI and setup will greatly improve and streamline the workflow for our crews. We are therefore looking forward to what 2019, and the years beyond will bring.”


SIGMET Text in Attribute Lookup
Finding weather information has never been easier! Previously, pilots had to look up a SIGMET's ID for a polygon, switch to the separate Weather Client application, and search for the SIGMET ID in order to receive the information. Now, this information is readily available within the Lido eRouteManual. Simply long-tap on a polygon; the polygon will be highlighted and the attribute lookup window will open, displaying the weather information.  Additionally, if the user long-taps on an area in which there is an overlay of two or more polygons, the weather information in the attribute lookup window will display the SIGMET texts for all SIGMETs in that area.

Note: This feature is only available for airlines which have subscribed to our weather service. The Weather Client must still be open in the background to display the weather polygons and SIGMET text.



Polygon Configuration Options
The company polygons are set up by airline administrators and can be used for a variety of purposes, for example, to draw the pilots' attention to fuel ranges, no-fly zones or escape routes. From this release onward, airline administrators can choose the color of the polygon (defined in rgb mode) and line thickness for each polygon's outline (defined in pixels). This makes it easier for pilots to identify specific polygons on their enroute map. 


Runway Pre-Selection in the Lido AMM

When loading a flight plan into the Lido eRouteManual, the application will automatically pre-select the taxi destination for the departure airport, provided that:

  • The planned runway information is included in the flight plan
  • The departure airport has an Airport Moving Map available 

The automatic pre-selection of the departure runway saves pilots the time and effort of having to manually enter this information. 


Bad Elf & Airbus RSA

With this release of the Lido eRouteManual, we have extended our list of supported avionics providers with the addition of the Airbus RSA and Bad Elf. These new position data providers allow for the display of the own-ship symbol on the Lido AMM, enroute and terminal charts:

  • Bad Elf via Bluetooth: external GPS devices are already supported via a standardized NMEA interface. Now, we have extended to support Bluetooth for Bad Elf, an external GPS solution providing reliable and highly accurate position data*
  • A350 RSA avionics interface

*For more information about setting up Bad Elf's external GPS, please get in touch with your regular customer support contact.


Remote Registration/ De-Registration

The final new feature in this release is the possibility for airline administrators to remotely register/ de-register pilots. This speeds up the registration process, as they no longer need physical access to the device.

Note: This feature is only available for customers subscribed to the Mobile Updater. 


Overall, this release aims to ease pilots' workflow by reducing effort and therefore also saving time.

Embedded video for Save Time and Effort with the Lido eRouteManual