Lido WebPortal 1.4 - What's New?

We are proud to announce that a new version of Lido WebPortal is now available. This release most notably includes the fleet tracker for Lido RouteManual, Lido AMM, Lido AMDB and Lido FMS.




What is the Fleet Tracker?

The fleet tracker allows you to enter and manage your fleet size for Lido RouteManual, including Lido mPilot and Lido eRouteManual, Lido AMM, Lido AMDB and Lido FMS in a transparent manner via a user-friendly portal. Once you receive a notification via e-mail from the Lido WebPortal, you will be able to directly enter your fleet size into the web application.


What else has changed?

In addition to the fleet tracker, we have added in links to the FMS viewer and Flight Safety Alert/ Nav Data Addendum pages in a centralized place to ease navigation. Finally, we will be making a draft of our user management API specifications available, allowing our customers to review it.


If you don’t have a Lido WebPortal account yet, get in touch with our customers support team ( or to have your account set up.


We wish you successful operations with the Lido WebPortal 1.4 and look forward to receiving your feedback!

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