Lido mPilot 4.3 - Peer Sharing Now Available!

Read the blog below to find out what's new in the Lido/mPilot 4.3! Most notably, we have added the Peer Sharing Function for the Flight Folder. This function allows pilots to share the content of their Flight Folder, including the last-viewed chart and the last-viewed document.

What has changed?

With the release of Lido mPilot 4.3, a new feature makes its appearance in the iOS-based application: the Peer Sharing Function for the Flight Folder.

Before every flight, pilots need to prepare themselves, as well as the required charts and documents. Previously, each pilot had to set-up their iPad themselves, which required quite some time to do. With the new Peer Sharing Function, only one iPad needs to be set-up and, upon completion, the content can then easily be shared with the co-pilot.

The Peer Sharing Function allows pilots to share the content of their Flight Folder, including the last viewed chart and the last viewed document. This helps pilots to reduce the amount of time required to set-up the application for upcoming flights and speeds up the in-flight briefings, where chart and document preparations are required.


Figure 1: Peer Sharing Function


In addition to the Peer Sharing Function, there are several enhancements available for already existing features. These enhancements include an improved method of providing values for the Range Rings Tool, the possibility to use the current ground speed of the aircraft as an input value for the Range Rings Tool and the Frequency Box on the Airport Moving Map.


Finally, this release of Lido mPilot provides users with the option to retain selected charts in the Clipboard whenever a new flight is loaded. This is especially useful for returning short-haul flights because pilots only need to select necessary charts once. For example, if a flight takes a crew from Zurich, via Rome, back to Zurich, the crew can already select all the required charts for all the flights during the very first briefing before the first flight heading towards Rome. When the crew then prepares the returning flight back to Zurich, they can load the new route and, when the confirmation popover to load the new route appears, tick the checkbox to retain already selected charts in the Clipboard.


Overall, the release of Lido mPilot 4.3 will enhance the users' experience with the application and optimize their workflow.


Watch the video below to see what these features look like:

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