Lido mPilot 2.1 - Document Viewing and Multitasking

The next release of Lido/mPilot focuses around documents and multitasking. It will be released to the AppStore on March 6th, 2017.

For a complete description of the features you can benefit from in Lido/mPilot 2.1, please continue reading.

The next release of Lido mPilot focuses around documents and multitasking. Version 2.1 will be released to the AppStore on March 6th, 2017.

On the documents side, we’ve improved the search results by displaying more context, like the chapter title, and we’ve removed multiple search results from the list when originating from the same page, which greatly declutters the results.

Navigation inside the same document has also been improved with the introduction of new next/previous buttons like in a web browser. The buttons can be used to navigate between hyperlinks and to jump between viewed pages.

With Lido mPilot 2.1, the read & sign status of documents for a specific user is preserved on the backend. This means that when a pilot replaces or changes hardware, documents need not be re-signed again. This is made possible with the parallel release of Lido DVMS 2.3, which handles the management of documents by the airline administrator.

Also, if a pilot would like to know exactly which documents need to be signed, the new “Pending Signature” provides this practical information.

Figure 1: New search results, Documents pending signature, New navigation buttons


Split View is now available in Lido mPilot and has been optimized for working simultaneously with another split view-enabled app when Lido mPilot is the primary app taking two thirds of the screen in landscape mode. We’ve worked with our partners to ensure Lido mPilot works smoothly when used in conjunction with Aviobook 16.3 from Aviovision, a Thales company and  OpsInsight™ Electronic Flight Folder (EFF) from UTC Aerosapce Systems. No more switching back and forth between apps with 4-finger gestures or double clicks on the Home button, enjoy the added value from both apps at the same time and optimize your workflow!


Figure 2 : Lido mPilot and Aviobook - Performance Module


Figure 3: Lido mPilot and UTC Aerospace Systems OpsInsight™ Electronic Flight Folder (EFF)


We wish you great success with Lido mPilot 2.1 and look forward to the exciting features to be released shortly in Lido mPilot, your flight companion :)