Lido mPilot 2.0 – the one we’ve been waiting for!

Celebrating the Lido mPilot 2.0

As the Product Manager for Lido mPilot, I am very excited about version 2.0 that hit the AppStore on Monday September 5th, 2016. It’s the release we’ve been waiting for, providing the baseline for future extensions which are currently full swing in development. I won’t say more just now but rest assured that Lido mPilot has a bright future ahead.

The conception, development and testing of Lido mPilot 2.0 has involved our customers right from the start thanks to valuable requirements gathering and usability testing sessions. This builds great confidence in the maturity of the product we are about to release to the market.

The app’s user experience has been significantly enhanced, and this has been mainly achieved in two ways. First, the flight folder has been reworked. It now offers pilots the possibility to add up to 20 alternate airports to their flight, compared to the previous 5. Connectivity in the cockpit also contributes to this release’s success; Lido mPilot 2.0 helps cut the flight preparation time in the app by half for those customers connecting two iPads to UTC Aerospace System’s Tablet Interface Module (TIM®). Such a setup allows one pilot to mirror whatever the other one has prepared in just a single click.

Secondly, the introduction of Google’s material design provides something familiar to the user interface. It builds on what users already know from software used on a daily basis on tablet devices or smartphones, thus contributing to a more intuitive user experience, maximizing the use of known gestures to unclutter and flatten the design.

To ease the familiarization process of this release with our users, we have produced three tutorial videos which can be streamed from Lido Navigation’s YouTube playlist, complementing the advanced user documentation already provided on Lido Navigation’s Community Space. Finally, a computer-based training will be available in just a few weeks.

I am looking forward to reading your comments on our latest product and hope you will be as thrilled using Lido mPilot 2.0 as we were developing it during the past months!

Enjoy it!