Lido FMS training for Philippine Airlines: A Success Story

A highly successful Lido/FMS training and workshop was conducted for the Philippine Airlines by Lufthansa Systems on the 6th and 7th of July at the Philippine Airlines Training Centre. This training equipped the airline's new staff members, engineers, and flight dispatchers with basic FMS technical and working knowledge.

The Philippine Airlines booked a 2-day training and workshop with our Customer Care Operations Manager for Lido FMS, Andreas Bitterlin, covering topics such as the Navigation Data Production Process, Lido FMS Service Tools, Data Processing, and Database Types and their limitations.


At Lido Navigation, we don’t just use the phrase 'excellent customer support' as a marketing slogan – we live it every single day. Andreas explained: “As a part of our service, we visit many airlines on an annual basis to give them extra face-to-face FMS-support. We use these visits to discuss any current issues, provide our customers with information on product updates, and share our vision for the future. After each visit, we collect customer feedback to ensure that we are providing our customers with the highest possible level of support. This year's feedback was extremely positive, with airlines in the region giving us an average overall score of 4.4 out of 5."


Mr Selino S. Jalalon, the Philippine Airlines' Flight Technical Division Manager was very satisfied with the two day training and workshop. He opined, “I am very appreciative that Lido Navigation was able to facilitate this workshop. It has provided my team with the knowledge to better perform their daily operations, and the engineers, and flight dispatchers have gained a better understanding of my team's and their own responsibilities. I am looking forward to an even closer working relationship with Lufthansa Systems from now on into the future.”