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Lido eRouteManual 4.8 – What’s New?


Nov 05, 2018

Automatic Pre-Selection of Charts in Lido/eRouteManual 4.8 The release of Lido/eRouteManual 4.8 provides the users with another way to optimize the flight-preparation workflow. 
New Flight Plan Features

With this version of Lido eRouteManual we have extended the range of charts that can be automatically loaded together with the flight plan. Until now, loading a flight plan in the application resulted in only the airports and corresponding Lido AMM (if subscribed to by the airline) being loaded into the clipboard, and the route drawn on the enroute map. Our new implementation provides pilots with the option to automatically load all charts which are relevant to the planned procedure or runway, if/as specified in the ARINC 633 or ATC flight plan. The Departure (STAR) and Arrival (SID) procedure charts are now read from ATC, as well as ARINC 633 flight plan files and, if the configuration is enabled, the respective procedure charts are automatically added to the clipboard. This saves pilots some flight preparation time, as they no longer need to manually select the required charts.

Additionally, with the improved route import, the airline can now configure what waypoint types and what types of alternates they would like to import from their ARINC 633 file. The configuration option allows the selection of 22 types defined in A633-1 and 35 types from the A633-2 file, which allows you to customize it based on the individual needs of your fleet or airline.

Watch the video below to see what these new features look like:

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