Lido eRouteManual 4.3.1 – rounding off the edges!

Our latest version of Lido eRouteManual, version 4.3.1, marks our mid-year release on the Windows platform and was launched beginning of July 2017.

We hope that customers will rapidly upgrade to this release in order to benefit from the latest improvements from the best-in-class electronic navigation chart product on the market. The upgrade is free of charge.


Usability improvements: more modern application look & feel

The app has become more tablet friendly through enhancements, such as the seamless enroute map zoom in from the world view, or the option to use a long press on the enroute map to access the attribute lookup to receive more information on enroute map features. Additionally, chart flipping buttons which had been removed in the last version were added back in, based on customer feedback.

Furthermore, we fixed a usability finding since version 4.3.0 in the area of the chart selection process. After chart selection the pilot had to confirm his choice. If the selection steps were not carried out properly this could have led to a loss of all selected charts in the clipboard, and thus, a loss of time. With the new version 4.3.1, this finding has been fixed. Pilots no longer need to confirm a selected chart; it is automatically stored in the airport clipboard as soon as it is selected.


Quality through field testing

Before the launch of the application, we conducted field testing with two of our customers. Field testing consists of a period of time where customers can test our application before its launch in a representative airline operational environment. The main purpose is to check that the product is correctly scaled for operations and not only valid within the confines of our internal development and testing environments. This very important step is part of our Product Development Process to ensure our customers the highest level of software quality.

At Lido Navigation we know that we are very good, but we aren’t perfect… yet. Emirates Airlines tested version 4.3.1, and Francesco Lanzani, Aeronautical Services Superintendent from Emirates Airlines said: “Lido eRouteManual  4.3.1 covers the majority of the issues encountered in the previous versions”.

For a more detailed look at what’s new in Lido eRouteManual 4.3.1, check out our explanatory video on YouTube.

We’d be delighted to set you up with a free trial evaluation. Simply contact our acclaimed Customer Service team at Lido Navigation to be in great hands.

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