Lido eRouteManual 4.3 – same same, but different !

Lido eRouteManual 4.3

Another very exciting application release in the Lido Navigation portfolio is Lido eRouteManual version 4.3, which is mainly focused around improved usability. As much as possible, we modernized the application’s look and feel for it to truly have a foot in the new tablet world that pilots are so fond of.

To achieve this, we broke down the overall goal to the following sub-goals:

  • Simplification of the user interface
    • Organization of functions like search and layers into categories
    • Removal of buttons to avoid cognitive overload
    • Focus on content (ie. map and chart) interactions
    • Apply the new Lido Navigation user interface guidelines colors, fonts, and icons
  • Introduce a non-linear workflow by providing direct access to all modules of the application from the permanently displayed vertical toolbar
  • Shift towards modern tablets as the target platform

In just 7 months, a new application was born. 

 new graphical user interface

The result is a simplified application with a new skin, less sub-pages, fewer clicks for the same result, optimization of the display for high resolution tablets, and implementation of Material Design principles to end up with a flat user interface having familiar icons used in other tablet or smartphone applications.

On the functional side, what’s new is in the enroute map. The map can now be seamlessly zoomed using standard tablet pinch gestures, but the zoom buttons remain for those users without a multitouch display. Also, there is no more processing/delay on the enroute map during panning thanks to automatic refresh.

The new Nearest Airports feature is a decision-supporting tool which will greatly help pilots select the suitable airport in case of a diversion. It displays the 10 nearest airports based on the current aircraft position. The pilot can also filter the list to show only those airports in the airline’s library, giving access to the airports’ AFC chart, AFC minima and all available charts.

Figure 2 - Nearest Airports list


If your airline is using company polygons, the user now has the possibility, through the “WX” button, to individually turn on or off these layers, as opposed to having them merged into a single layer in previous versions of the application. Airlines can use these layers to depict a different weather phenomenon per layer, like clouds volcanic ashes, clouds, storms, SIGMETs…

Of course, the pilot can also plot user-defined polygons in a separate “User sigmets” layer of its own.

Figure 3 - Polygons can be switched on/off as independent layers

Lido eRouteManual 4.3 also has a new icon and a sleek splash screen displayed during startup.

Figure 4 - new icon

Figure 5 - new splash screen


Watch out for an upcoming blogpost in which we explain in depth the sub-goals which led to the final design. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out our tutorial videos for Lido eRouteManual 4.3 from the Lido Navigation YouTube playlist. They provide a functional overview of the application, from the flight setup to the use of the enroute and airport moving maps.

I look forward to sharing our developments in the electronic mapping applications of the Lido Navigation portfolio and reading your comments.

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