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Introducing Lido WebPortal


Apr 05, 2018

After giving our navigation applications a facelift, we decided that it was time to streamline our web applications with a single platform which featured a clean and simple UX.

What is Lido WebPortal?


The Lido WebPortal will serve as the single entry point for all Lido Navigation web applications.

With the first release of Lido WebPortal, our customers can look forward to:

  • One set of credentials to access all supported applications (initially the Flight Information Viewer and DDS - Registration Management), removing the hassle of remembering multiple usernames and passwords
  • Customizable dashboard widgets, ensuring no important updates are missed
  • A clean and simple UX for easy user onboarding and increased efficiency

Current Functionalities

Future Functionalities

Who will benefit from Lido WebPortal?


The key people to benefit from this application’s first version will be airline administrators. However, with subsequent releases, we will extend the features to support all user roles including pilots and dispatchers.


What is the vision for Lido WebPortal?

With future releases of the Lido WebPortal, the application will provide a single interface to manage user accounts and applications by relocating the user creation and bulk upload feature from DDS and DVMS to Lido WebPortal. Additionally, we will provide a single API that our customers can easily integrate into their company’s tools and processes.

We look forward to hearing your feedback to help us shape the future of this product together with you!

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Kritika Dhingra
Product Owner - Lido/WebPortal
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