Improving Tactical Inflight Decisions and Fuel Efficiency

We are incredibly excited to be attending the Honeywell GoDirect Fuel Efficiency User Conference in Rome on the 28th and 29th of September. Now you might be wondering – what is the connection between Lido/Navigation and Honeywell GoDirect Fuel Efficiency? Our two companies partnered up to help airlines save fuel which reduces both their costs and environmental impact – it's a win-win situation!

Every day, commercial airlines transport hundreds of thousands of passengers around the world and many of these passengers select their airline based solely on price. Fuel consumption significantly impacts airlines' operating expenses and the higher these operating expenses, the more passengers have to pay for a flight ticket. Airlines nowadays pursue a mix of approaches to improve their operational efficiencies – from technologically advanced fleets, to optimized flight planning and beyond.


The question remaining is why we find measurable differences in the efficiency of individual flights despite identical flight planning and aircraft technology? One answer to this question is definitely: experience!  Some crews optimize their flight paths based on experience which others simply lack. They cut their route short wherever possible, without compromising safety and where approved by air traffic control.


Lufthansa Systems offers collective experience to pilots of all airlines currently using Lido eRouteManual (integration into Lido mPilot will follow soon). The Lido eRouteManual Tracks module visualizes a structured bundle of historical flight trajectories. These trajectories can be utilized for improved flight planning and briefing, advanced situational awareness including possible route deviations, indications for both Top-Of-Climb and Top-Of-Descend, and for proactive requesting of ‘Directs’. Simply put, airlines can now access the experience of all their pilots to help optimize their routes.


Collecting and processing raw data generated by an airline can be a complex and overwhelming task. Honeywell GoDirect Fuel Efficiency automates the collection and processing of data from all relevant data sources and empowers airline with analytical tools aiding improvements in fuel and operational efficiency. Honeywell GoDirect Fuel Efficiency also offers built-in support to export the trajectories data in the format suitable for Lido eRouteManual Tracks module. The Lido eRouteManual, offers airlines additional filter options for departure and destination airports, day and time of flight, and type of aircraft. Finally, individuals can also determine the number of tracks displayed (e.g. 50, 100, 200…) in order to avoid distractions.


“The display of flown trajectories will support our crews to prepare even better for upcoming flight phases and enables them to ask for specific directs. We are happy to offer a real benefit to our crews with this intuitive functionality to improve pre-flight and in-flight decision making.”

- Tom Duddeck, Manager Fuel Efficiency, Deutsche Lufthansa AG

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