Improvements to the briefing process: Dark mode and more.

Lido mBriefing version 2: dark mode, "read" indicator, operational flight plan (OFP) dashboard and more!

"Everyone can relate to being in a room where the lights are turned down and you've got this white screen blinding you," said Sameer Samat, Google's VP of Product Management for Android & Google Play during an interview last year at Google I/O.


In recent times, an increasing amount of popular apps have launched a dark mode - most recently, including our Lido mBriefing.

Lido mBriefing with night mode enabled.

Lido mBriefing with night mode enabled. Available from Lido mBriefing version 2.0 onward.


Benefits of dark mode

Enabling dark mode can extend your device's battery life by up to 30%*!

Although there is no research backing claims that dark mode decreases eye strain and its associated symptoms, dark mode certainly increases comfort when viewing apps at night or in a dimly lit environment.


But that's not all.

In addition to the dark mode, the Lido mBriefing includes four further improvements to ease the briefing process.


The "read" indicator when viewing the briefing package items enables you to easily identify which items have been read by you and which items you still need to read. This reduces your effort in remembering which sections you've already viewed.

"Read" indicator when viewing the briefing package.

"Read" indicator for the briefing package items.


Instead of separate tabs for NOTAMs and weather information, they are now available on one page, enabling you to scroll through the NOTAMs with the weather still visible. Additionally, filtering for NOTAMs by specific keywords is now available.

Weather and NOTAM information displayed on the same page.

WX & NOTAMs displayed on one page.


The new operational flight plan (OFP) dashboard allows you to customize the information shown in the "General" and "Fuel" tabs, making it easier to see all relevant information at a glance.

OFP dashboard in the "General" tab.

OFP dasboard in the "General" tab.


Finally, the new NavLog layout ensures that the most important information can be found easily, features more intuitive icons and includes an improved input for the entering of values.

New NavLog layout.

New NavLog layout.


We hope that you enjoy using the added functionalities of version 2.0 and look forward to revealing the benefits of version 3.0 shortly!



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