How to support pilots in making better tactical decisions

Weather affects the aviation industry more so than almost any other transport industry. And as significant weather events increase in frequency and severity, pilots will require more support in making timely tactical decisions. Read on to find out how Lido can support your airline and pilots to overcome this challenge now and in the future.

Weather has a significant impact on the aviation industry. Let's focus on commercial aviation:


Impact of Weather

Airlines face diversions, delays and even cancellations. The direct and associated costs of these amount to billions of dollars each year.

Pilots have to make the best possible decisions, based on information from different sources, such as their onboard equipment, briefing package, from ATC and, if available, ATIS. However, these decisions can be increasingly difficult due to the limited reach of the weather radar, possibly outdated briefing information and conflicting information from different sources.


How Lido Supports Pilots

With the release of Lido eRouteManual 5.0, Lido is providing pilots with live weather updates in their charting solution.

This means that pilots have one application visualizing both their route and weather, beyond their radar, which supports them in making better decisions during their flight preparation, inflight and during landing. Given that connectivity is available in the cockpit, pilots will receive weather information in real time. Furthermore, the new addition of airport weather included in the attribute lookup window, provides information about all factors that may affect the landing of an aircraft, such as wind, visibility and precipitation.


Overall, these enhancements support pilots in making timely tactical inflight decisions. This results in safer flights and cost reductions; for example, fuel savings, reduced delays and increased customer satisfaction. 



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