How is Lido helping airlines optimize their flight operations?

Digitalization is affecting the entire aviation industry. Airlines are increasingly investing in connectivity solutions and networked systems, both in the cockpit and on the ground. This enables carriers to boost the efficiency of their flight operations, since data – such as weather, air traffic-control information – will be updated in real time. As a result, airlines’ requirements for flight planning and navigation systems are changing. Everything is becoming more dynamic and data-driven.

What is happening in the industry?

Flight-operation planning and its execution is becoming more demanding for airline operation centers and flight crews. The airspace environment in which they operate is becoming more dynamic and thus, it is becoming more complex for airlines to optimize their flight operations while operating profitably.

Some of the key challenges airlines face include:

  • Increasing air traffic
  • Rising jet-fuel prices
  • Adapting to changing weather conditions, especially as extreme weather events are increasing in magnitude and frequency
  • Delay and distribution management

Additionally, broadband ground-cockpit connectivity and digitalized information exchange is making progress to allow for integrated up-to-date information, a higher degree of automation, and support of the exchange between the airline operation center and flight crew.


How is Lido responding?

Simply put, Total Mission Optimization (TMO).

TMO is our vision for how we can bring the capabilities of the Lido portfolio – our data, pilot and flight-planning solutions – together to address airlines’ flight-operation challenges. The strategy brings together our powerful flight-planning solution, Lido Flight 4D, and pilot solutions, Lido mPilot, Lido eRouteManual and Lido mBriefing. Our TMO strategy will be achieved through the continuous monitoring of flight-mission relevant updates - from flight planning to flight closure. These live updates will be delivered and presented to the flight crew via our integrated pilot applications and through available ground-cockpit connectivity. Overall, this will improve operational efficiency and enhance the safety of every flight.


How are we going to achieve Total Mission Optimization?

Lido Flight 4D and our digitally rendered maps form the foundation of TMO, with further features enabled by making use of the advantages provided by digitalization and connectivity between flight operations and flight-deck applications. Achieving TMO will not be an individual effort. It is a collaborative effort between our customers, partners and us. It is clear that this is where the future of aviation is heading and we are excited to take this journey together with you.


Keep an eye out on our customer newsletter, blog page and LinkedIn page, and look out for us at industry events, where we look forward to communicating and demonstrating our incremental optimizations leading toward achieving TMO.