Face-to-Face: who stands behind?

Let us introduce our colleague Oliver Langner, a user interface designer based in Zurich. In his spare time, Oliver likes watching good films – preferably with his best buddy. Can you spot his buddy in the picture?

How long have you been working for Lufthansa Systems?

I have been working for Lufthansa Systems for six months now.

After completing my Master of Arts in Design at the HAWK (Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst) in Hildesheim, I decided to work as a Communication Designer in Nicosia, Cyprus; a melting pot of cultures that boosted my knowledge in communicating and collaborating with partners and customers of different ethnic backgrounds.

After two years, love guided me away from Nicosia to Zurich, so I packed my bags and started a new chapter of my life with my fiancée Maria and our cat Gerald, who we rescued from the mountains.

Over the last seven years here in Zurich, I improved my skills in the fields of branding and complex design systems, and discovered the enormous impact of marketing and stunning presentations in a FinTech (financial technology) company.

Now, I am very proud to work for Lufthansa Systems and to achieve my biggest goals with an incredible and creative team that I can always count on.

What unit do you work for and what are your responsibilities?

I am supporting the user interface and user experience team with my background as a brand and communication designer. One of my main tasks is to build a universal design system for all of our Lido products, to guarantee a consistent look and feel, and to optimize the whole brand experience.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to go to the gym, visit concerts, travel the world, meet friends and eat spicy food. On rainy days, I enjoy spending my time on the couch with my cat, watching Netflix. My all-time favorite movie is the “Back to the Future” trilogy.