Education in ARINC 424 and navigation database coding

ARINC 424 and navigation database coding


Our ARINC 424 customer training sessions and navigation database coding practices provide  a special value that comes with unique understanding of the ARINC 424 standard. By gaining invaluable insight from our experts and getting in-depth knowledge, participants will be able to transform their new know-how to added value in their daily operations. Understanding of the whole data chain and process contributes to more efficient handling of operational challenges.


Following topics are being covered during trainings:

  • Data chain overview: data flow from source to pilot, navigational data production process and timelines
  • Aeronautical data preparation process: in-depth information on regulatory requirements, production process and error reporting
  • FMS avionics manufacturers: manufacturer overview, production flow and database sizes
  • Introduction to ARINC 424: definition and purpose, introduction to data records, design and coding issues
  • ARINC 424 path and termination concept for navigation databases: detailed introduction of the different types
  • Hands-on coding practice: SID, STAR; APCH, ILS, NPA, RNAV and transition coding

Professional trainers

The trainings are designed for our Lido Navigation customers and they are being led by Martin Zillig, Head of Product Standards Lido Navigation. Martin has many years of experience in the area of ARINC 424 and coding.

Successful trainings

Just recently the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) joined us for 2 exciting days of training and they will take valuable knowledge back home.

Interested in taking a training? Contact your regular sales representative for more information or write us at


Ra'ed Ghazawi's picture

I would like to ask about ARINC 424 coding course ..
time , duration , price and location of the course.

best regards,
Ra'ed Ghazawi

Nadine Schaaf's picture

Hi Ra'ed, thanks for your interest in our ARINC training. Please send an email with your contact data to nadine.schaaf [at] and we will get in touch with you regarding the course. Regards, Nadine


Dear Nadine,

My name is Otávio. I´m an cartographic engenieer at ICA in Brazil (Institute of aeronautical cartography). (

I would like to know about ARINC 424 course with and content software , manuals,
dates of training in Germany etc.

Best Regards,


Nadine Schaaf's picture

Dear Otávio, thank you for your interest in the ARINC 424 course. We will get back to you with more information.

Best regards,


Stella Adoko's picture

Dear Nadine;
My organization is interested in carrying out this training for 4 participants.Kindly provide me with information on the course content,duration,price and location.I have sent a more detailed email to your email address however,the mail server has is unable to deliver it,IS there another email address to which you can be reached.

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Dear Stella, thank you for your interest in the ARINC trainig. You can also reach us at lidonavigation [at]

Best regards,


Haiyun Huang's picture

Hi Nadine,

I would like to get some more details about the ARINC 424 coding course. Could you provide me with some details related to the time, duration, price, and location of the course?

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,

Haiyun Huang

Nadine Schaaf's picture

Dear Haiyun,

thank you for your interest in our ARINC training. Please contact us at lidonavigation [at] so that we can provide you with time, location and price information.