"The die is cast" - Challenges & Solutions around Air Traffic Management related delays

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It´s no big news anymore – flight chaos over Europe has repeatedly caused negative headlines last summer and is expected to be no different this year.  That's what we took as an occasion for our presentation at this year’s AGIFORS Operations SG Meeting. In this blog post we share a summary with our main points with you.

Thinking about flight chaos, delays and cancellations the following questions come to mind: Are airlines shaping up for actually tackling the situation? Are they taking into due consideration what solutions are currently and will soon be available? Or in short: Are we as an airline rising to the challenge?


 Tim Nickel,Davide Bardelli/Lufthansa Systems)That's what we took as an occasion for our presentation at this year’s AGIFORS Operations SG Meeting 2019 in Paris on the topic of SESAR and the Pilot Common Project (PCP).

We are thrilled that the insights and food for thoughts we gave, won the Best Presentation Award.

Curious what the presentation entailed?


First, let’s look at some numbers to visualize the challenges the industry is facing:


Often these disruptions are tackled in a reactive manner which is probably not the most efficient way. With raising costs and passenger complaints the pressure is increasing to find a solution for the problem.

And forecasts for 2019 are telling bad news! But – strange as it sounds – there are also good news! Something is on to let a bit of light in… The Pilot Common Project (the PCP, or EU Regulation 716/2014) is mandating the implementation of 27 SESAR solutions and its deadlines are just around the corner. Yes, we know, not the fix for every ill but it´s a start. PCP is the first step towards full deployment of SESAR solutions. And in that whole, the question is: How far are the airlines in getting to grips with the chances it is disclosing? And to what extent are they actually preparing to leverage it?

Let`s see some figures…
Just a side note: These are European initiatives but relevant to all airlines flying in, out or through the European Sky. 

SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) is looking into solutions for Air Traffic Management and is the technological pillar of the Single European Sky.

As we can see above the participation of airlines in deployment projects is fairly low despite the importance to the sustainability of the airline business.

How an airline will benefit might become clearer with insights into the Pilot Common Project (PCP) and its deadlines.



In the above slides you can see the six pillars of the project which have delivery deadlines across 2021 – 2024.

The PCP lays the foundations for implementing a new trajectory and collaboration-based ATM paradigm that will have many implications for airline operations.

OCCs will play a crucial role here, a new stakeholder among the ATM “usual” ones. And it is time to start preparing, not least to reap the efficiencies the PCP implementation is already disclosing.


So, what can every individual airline do to rise to the challenge?

Our tip: Understand the PCP and the new ATM functionalities and perform a readiness check to ensure that your airline is on top of the game.

We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge further and working on projects together with your airline to leverage the chances offered by the Pilot Common Project and thus reduce delays, save costs and increase passenger satisfaction. As the saying goes: The die is cast – the PCP is happening anyhow, make the best out of it! We are of course happy to support, just get in contact with us.

Davide Bardelli: davide.bardelli@lhsystems.com
Tim Nickel: tim.nickel@lhsystems.com





1) Starting aircraft
(CopyrightMarcus Millo/123RF.COM )
2) Tim Nickel and Davide Bardelli presenting their award at the AGIFORS. (Copyright: Tim Nickel,Davide Bardelli/Lufthansa Systems)
3) Graphics of the presentation "The die is cast" from Tim Nickel and Davide Bardelli. (Copyright:Tim Nickel,Davide Bardelli/Lufthansa Systems)

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