Being an intern at Lido Navigation Zurich

Sunset Zurich

What is it like to be an intern at Lido Navigation Zurich? It is definitely a challenge, considering I am just starting my career and have no aviation background. I feel like I landed in a new city, where English is the official language and airplanes are the center of the universe. There is still a lot to learn: aircraft types, market trends, the Lufthansa world and what the future will bring.

In my life, I was always looking for new challenges. I was born in São Paulo, did an exchange semester in New Zealand, worked for an IT company in China and at the moment I am finishing my Master’s Degree in Zurich.

I always enjoyed travelling and this flying world is fascinating me. How does it work? Flight management system has an update every 28 days? Why? For those who don’t know, we have to provide updates for our “GPS for airplanes” (like I usually explain to my friends) once a month, because of altitude changes, some airports decide to renew or something similar.

The day by day at Lido Navigation is diversified. I am planning events, preparing presentations, writing about our products and learning about corporate values. This internship is helping me to learn how to organize myself, how to coordinate with others and to achieve my personal goals.

Questions about the paradigm of going paperless, saving fuel and being environmental friendly? Don’t hesitate to contact us in Zurich! Uf Wiederluege!

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