ARINC 424 Training Course in Zurich

After offering additional Lido/FMS training to our customers, ten participants, representing seven different airlines from Europe and the Middle East, travelled to Zurich on the 10th and 11th of April to attended an ARINC 424 training course.

Over 200 airlines worldwide rely on our certified Lido FMS aeronautical data which is tailored to their aircraft type, hardware and route network. Our Lido FMS database is delivered in accordance with ARINC 424 specifications – the industry standard for aeronautical navigational data. The ARINC 424 training course is offered to Lido FMS and ARINC 424 customers.


The training was led by Christian Grütter and began with an introduction and an overview of the data chain, followed by aeronautical data preparation, FMS Avionics Manufacturer and an introduction to ARINC 424. The second day focused on the ARINC 424 path and termination concept and on coding practices. After the training, Christian explained that “the training is a great opportunity to not only expand our customers’ and partners’ understanding of navigation data and ARINC 424 in general, but also to discuss actual operational topics in a broader group. It also serves as a platform to help us remain aware of customers’ needs.”


Overall, the attendees had an informative two days and the training was a success – but don’t just take our word for it. Here is what Ruben Jonker, Navigation Support Officer at KLM, had to say about the course: “Very nice training, good pace in a relaxed atmosphere from a very knowledgeable trainer. Really improves your understanding of the process, the coding and the difficulties that come with it.”



Do you require further FMS training for yourself or your team? Don’t hesitate to contact for more information.


Shweta Patel's picture

I want to undergo training for arinc 424 database. could you please provide me with the details.

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Thank you for your inquiry. Please note that the training is only available for current Lido FMS customers. If you belong to one of our airline or non-airline customers, please get in touch with our Lido FMS customer support team at [at]