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In (and beyond) a state of pandemic: is there still room for SESAR?


Jun 16, 2020

Current crisis is shifting the focus of airline decision-makers towards preserving liquidity, an imperative to survive. Often at the expense of those projects that are no longer viewed as necessary. Still, a survey has revealed that managers assign value to adopting SESAR solutions. To think beyond the pandemic.              

The airline industry will not see a «turn the page and move on» recovery. We talked about it in our post on Ops control a few weeks ago: it will happen in fits and starts, by trials and errors, by successes and failures. Markets will be gradually reopened, taking into account that it might be suddenly necessary to step back after a new outbreak. Along with many others, we advocated that we need to accept this reality and work out the best way to live and work in these unprecedented times. Which means, shifting priorities…

Current downturn is forcing airlines around the globe to cut expenditures, thus a vital question for airline executives is about projects: which projects to carry on, which others to suspend or withdraw, which to reactivate. Unfortunately, without a clear understanding of what the (very) next future will most likely bring about…

Where does SESAR fit in this picture?

Although airspace and airport congestion is not the hottest issue in the agenda of decision-makers nowadays (and probably it won’t be for a few years from now), the deployment of SESAR still looks valuable for the participants in the European air transportation system.

The results of a survey promoted by the SESAR Deployment Manager a few weeks ago emphasize in fact that the majority of the stakeholders (airlines, airports, ANSPs, the military) are keen to further work on modernizing European Air Traffic Management and follow up on the Pilot Common Project (here more info). However, the Covid-19 crisis is likely to have an impact on investments in that direction, given current focus on preserving cash flow. SESAR Deployment Manager is working on solutions to meet the challenges these times are throwing down on the stakeholders. Anyhow, the survey shows that value is still perceived in adopting SESAR solutions (check out here our view on the value for airlines).

In (and beyond) a state of pandemic…

Ops Control is not only a vital focus for airline executives in these times of crisis. It is also the domain to dwell on when it comes to adopting SESAR solutions (here our point of view). Stay tuned for the upcoming session of the webcast series we have established to share know-how and insights to successfully navigate through these challenging times…

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