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All Dressed in Black

From blue to black: the Lido eRoute Manual now matches the Lido color scheme also implemented in the Lido mBriefing and Lido mPilot.

When upgrading to the latest version of our Windows-based charting application - the Lido eRoute Manual - the first noticeable difference is the change in color scheme from our traditional blue to a sleek and modern black.

Alzbeta Bychtova, Head of our Product Design Team, explains:“We have exchanged the saturated blue main UI color with neutral grey shades, which allow us to set proper salience of displayed information and better visually express hierarchy in the app content which helps pilots get oriented in the app much faster. The colors and contrast of the dark mode are optimized for operations during low-light conditions in a way that the pilot's eyes do not suffer from too bright elements on the display.

After receiving positive feedback from our customers when we first presented the new color scheme for our pilot applications at the Lido User Group Conference 2019, we implemented it in the Lido mBriefing, the Lido mPilot, and now the Lido eRoute Manual.

Image: Lido eRoute Manual 5.6 terminal chart - light (left) and dark (right) mode

In addition to the new color scheme, a major new functionality in the app is the improved date change handling. You asked for it, so we've implemented it! In the upcoming Lido eRoute Manual version, the daily date change message will disappear and you’ll only be informed if changed data affects your current mission!

For example, if there is a change becoming effective for the terminal charts in the clipboard, they will be automatically updated, so pilots no longer need to manually remove them from the clipboard and add the updated charts. This increased automation will further support pilots in their flight preparation and execution.

"I am very proud to announce the third release of the Lido eRoute Manual for this year." says Andreas Medlhammer, Product Owner for the Lido eRoute Manual. "The regular exchange with you, our customers, is helping us to identify pain points. To help solve these, improvements are added to our regular release plan."

Lido eRoute Manual 5.6 is another release focused on fulfilling the needs coming directly from our users. Our development teams are focused on improving the pilot’s overall experience with our solutions and hope to provide you and your airlines with the best tool to support your daily operations.

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Lyndal Moeller
Jul 05, 2017

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