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Aug 27, 2018
2 posts since Aug 27, 2018
I am certainly looking forward to bringing my airline experience and the passion for the aviation industry into upcoming airline consulting projects, bringing with me +22 years of operational aviation experience in different fields of flight and ground operations, being an aircraft engineer, a fligh
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Nov 27, 2018
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Santa Claus is working as Manager for Gifts in the Department of Contemplativeness. In this role, he focuses on both the strategic and operational development of cosy concepts for the following target groups: children, partners, parents, grandparents and friends.
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Mar 19, 2019
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Hey, I am Julia. Currently, I am working as a Product Marketing Manager for Lufthansa Systems. In my daily work I am responsible for the communication of the NetLine product family internally and externally.
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Apr 03, 2018
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After my economic high school graduation (called “Abitur” in German) and one year stay in Baltimore/USA (as Au-Pair), I have started my career in the Lufthansa Group, so all in all almost 20 years ago. Since September 2011, I have joined the marketing team of Lufthansa Systems.