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Dec 14, 2016
4 posts since Dec 14, 2016
Hi, I'm passionate about building amazing products for great businesses. As a digital product manager I help business owners build better products faster. I am a strong believer in lean methodologies and agile development practices.
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Jan 30, 2016
3 posts since Jan 30, 2016
I worked for a major European Airline from 2000 since 2015 covering several roles and responsibilities in the Crew Management Area and in the Operation Control Center.
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Jan 30, 2016
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I joined the Lufthansa Group in 1999 and gained my first experiences in the network planning and scheduling department. As project manager for Lufthansa Systems I led the implementation of commercial solutions at several airlines worldwide.
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Sep 04, 2018
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Having studied theoretical nuclear physics, I entered the Lufthansa group in 1989. It turned out to be an encounter with another world: airplanes instead of symmetry groups, profit and loss instead of general and special relativity.