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Sep 14, 2015
8 posts since Sep 14, 2015
For more than 30 years I have been working for Lufthansa including many years for Lufthansa Systems.
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Jan 30, 2016
5 posts since Jan 30, 2016
Results-driven, experienced professional in Product Management, Product Consulting, Product Development and Project Management. Working in the aviation industry since 2005, always within a strong international and client-facing environment.
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Nov 21, 2017
5 posts since Nov 21, 2017
I grew up in Paris and went on to study Aerospace Engineering in Toulouse, France. I have experience in Fuel Efficiency and Flight Optimization, and I'm now the Product Owner for Lido/mPilot. I'm obviously an aviation enthusiast, and got my PPL couple of years ago.
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Apr 10, 2018
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Andreas holds a master’s degree in Business and Computer Science from the Technical University Clausthal (Germany). He has been an aviation enthusiast since his early childhood and has been flying for 21 years.